Haircuts in Kyiv

Haircuts remain the most popular and sought-after service among those provided by beauty salons. It is a way to express yourself, show your inner world, and a basic grooming procedure. It's worth remembering that even if you don't want to make drastic changes in your image, you should regularly cut your hair up to 2 cm long at least for health reasons.

PIED-DE-POULE masters are ready to transform and surprise their clients in modern salons in Kyiv.

Types of Haircuts

It seems that all the variety of haircuts does not lend itself to any systematization, and it is extremely easy to get confused in it.

In fact, professionals distinguish between:

  • Creative, "exhibition" and
  • Everyday haircuts.

Further, they are divided by length: short, medium, and long hair. You can also divide them according to the degree of contrast into silhouette and flat, etc. But let's take a closer look at what creative haircuts are and what everyday haircuts are.

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Creative Haircuts

Creative haircuts are bright, unconventional haircuts for catwalks and photo projects, often combined with unusual coloring. Their main task is to "immerse" the model in the philosophy of the collection being presented, emphasize and enhance the effect of the demonstration of outfits, and create the right impression for the audience.

By themselves, catwalk haircuts are impractical and unsuitable for everyday life. And it's not even about the need for complicated styling. Such haircuts separately from the haute couture outfits for which they were created look, to put it mildly, ridiculous.

Catwalk haircuts can also serve as a kind of Haute couture of hairdressing fashion. They serve as the basis for creating model haircuts, which then "fly" to salons and studios and become part of the everyday look.

Of course, to keep abreast of trends, you need to be interested in the fashion and beauty industry and everything that is happening in it, take training, attend master classes. Hairdressers at PIED-DE-POULE salons do just that. Therefore, our clients can count not only on immortal classics, but also on modern trendy solutions.

Everyday Haircuts

Everyday haircuts allow individuals to create their own personal image, serving as a means of expressing their inner world.

There are several types of haircuts for every day.

  1. Romantic model haircuts are characterized by soft contours, smooth transitions, and light curling. They look as natural as possible, but at the same time sophisticated.
  2. Youthful - extravagance and rebellious spirit are in the forefront here. Raised strands, contrasting colors evoke quite understandable associations with energy, enthusiasm and spontaneity.
  3. Business - but here, on the contrary, there is nothing extravagant, isolated, frivolous. Natural clear lines, classic shapes.
  4. Art Nouveau haircuts are quite bold and creative haircuts that give the image a certain "zest". Sometimes it's about the contrast of lengths, in other cases, strands are highlighted with the help of shape and color. One way or another, the hairstyle turns out to be unusual, bright and memorable.

When choosing an everyday haircut, it is important to consider the amount of time and effort you are willing to invest in styling it. Creative haircuts often require more frequent visits to the hairdresser, as they tend to lose their shape and overall appeal as the hair grows out.

Women's Haircuts in the PIED-DE-POULE salon

At PIED-DE-POULE salon, we prioritize exclusivity and individuality. Our masters take pride in not offering standardized solutions, as they believe in working meticulously and thoroughly with each woman. Their haircut recommendations are based on:

  • studying the client's texture - height, age, face oval, body features, hair structure
  • the client's wishes
  • own many years of experience

It is worth listening to the master's opinion, but in any case, the final choice is up to the client. If you are happy with a bob, although the master believes that a cascade would bring a unique charm and a bright "zest" to your image, so be it.

The price and duration of the haircut depends on its complexity and the qualifications of the master.

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Haircut services for men

At PIED-DE-POULE salon, we warmly welcome both men who are already accustomed to following the latest fashion trends and those who are just beginning to embrace them. We understand that many individuals desire a stylish and comfortable haircut tailored to their unique appearance and hair condition. Our skilled stylists excel at achieving precisely this outcome.

Furthermore, our salon's specialists regularly undergo professional training, ensuring that you can confidently entrust them with addressing concerns such as scalp issues, hair loss, and dandruff.

The PIED-DE-POULE salon offers a comprehensive range of hairdressing services for men, including:

  • Model and clipper haircuts
  • Gray hair camouflage
  • Styling

Additionally, the PIED-DE-POULE salon provides expert care for mustaches and beards. Our skilled masters will ensure they are neatly shaped, styled, and given the necessary maintenance.

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