Time to clean the feathers

PIED-DE-POULE - this is when you do not just a haircut, but build a complete image based on a detailed consultation, which reveals you and makes you feel great. In which you will look as bright and confident in yourself. This is not just a beauty salon, it is a society of beautiful and confident people.


The team, in the arsenal of which advanced techniques of haircuts, coloring, nail care, face and body. We are aware of the celebrities choices!

“Your beauty is in our hands”

Yana Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 7 year Order service
Darina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 4 years Order service
Marina Heirdresser-stylist Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Anastasia Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 14 years Order service
Alyona Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 13 years Order service
Kristina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 2 years Order service
Marina Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 10 years Order service
Irina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 6 years Order service
Yana Master of nail esthetics Опыт: 6 years Order service
Valeria Nail service master Опыт: 5 years Order service
Ulyana Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Kristina Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Maria Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 5 years Order service
Marina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 4 years Order service
Yuliya Nail service master Опыт: 2 years Order service
Kristina Nail service master Опыт: - Order service
Miroslava Make-up and brow artist Опыт: more then 5 years Order service
Tatyana Master of nail esthetics Опыт: 6 years Order service
Svetlana Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 8 years Order service
Dina Make-up and brow artist Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Lena Cosmetologist-masssage master Опыт: more then 8 years Order service
Sergey Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 16 years Order service
Helena Сosmetologist Опыт: 4 years Order service
Yana Make-up master Опыт: 4 years Order service
Olga Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 8 years Order service
Catherine Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 14 years Order service
Dasha Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Alina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: more then 3 years Order service
Irina Make-up and brow artist Опыт: more then 8 years Order service
Andrew Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 10 years Order service
Anna Master of nail esthetics Опыт: more then 11 years Order service
Irina Nail service master Опыт: 12 years Order service
Irina Heirdresser-сolorist Опыт: 11 years Order service

Kiev st. Shota Rustaveli
Pechersk district


Kiev st. Anna Akhmatova 44/11
Poznyaki district


Kiev st. B. Khmelnitsky 19/21
Shenchenkovsky district


  • Women
  • Men
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  • Haircut 800 1600 32
  • Blow-dry от 300 от 600 12
  • Blow-dry Luxe от 400 800 16
  • Braiding от 500 1000 20
  • Hairstyle от 800 1600 32
  • Coloring от 900 1800 36
  • Highlights от 1000 2000 40
  • Hair treatment от 400 800 16
  • Keratin от 4500 9000 180
  • Manicure 300 600 12
  • Pedicure 500 1000 20
  • Nail Polish 100 200 4
  • Gel-Polish 300 600 12
  • Makeup от 300 600 12
  • Correction of eyebrows 200 400 8
  • Eyebrow coloring 200 400 8
  • Cutting 500 1000 20
  • Machine trimming от 300 600 12
  • Beard and Mustache 200 400 8
  • Camouflage 600 1200 24
  • Blow-dry 100 200 4
  • Manicure 400 800 16
  • Pedicure 500 1000 20
  • Correction of eyebrows 300 600 12
  • Complex cleansing 700 1400 28


“High-quality cosmetics are the key to your beauty.”

At our work, we use only world-famous brands, tested by time and millions of customers!

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“High-quality cosmetics is the key to your beauty.”

Anna Kozachenko
Anna Kozachenko Milk Bar/Dogs&Tails

It's SOOO good to have such neighbors :) Now, at any moment, in a record time you can become beautiful, practically without interruption! For 30 minutes in PDP my hair is converted into lovely curl head. Also here is my favorite brand Davines.

Mila Sivatska
Mila Sivatska Actress

I really liked everything! Masters in general respect for you! To be honest, at PIED-DE-POULE I was the first time and I feel that I will be here every day, and if not every, then once a week - for sure!

Alyona Vinnitsa
Alyona Vinnitsa Singer

I think that all blondes will understand me now. To have beautiful, healthy light hair is not easy! In my life there were many salons and masters. And every single time I was afraid that something would go wrong, so I would need again to heal or cut. At PDP, I finally calmed down, cause high quality products and my favorite Master inspired my confidence - its easy to be blonde! So grateful!

Alexander Skichko
Alexander Skichko TV presenter

It's nice when you come, explain what you need and master understands on the way! PDP thanks for the comfort and, most importantly, professionalism!

Nadia Dorofeeva
Nadia Dorofeeva "Time and Glass" group

I really liked the interior of the salon - very stylish! And for the first time I learned what "Pied de Poule" means! The masters are real professionals, I made a manicure with a great quality and quickly. Good staff and nice people, as well as a very charismatic owner of the salon!

Eugenia Lipskaya
Eugenia Lipskaya Main editor of maincream.com

Perfect mix drive for results and mental attitude. Accurately, qualified and always beautiful.

Regina Todorenko
Regina Todorenko TV host, singer

I'm glad I managed to work with PDP. It is very important, when the master in a few seconds determines which makeup to apply and hairdo to make. In PDP, everything is done beautifully, clearly, professionally and quickly, which is so important at our pace, when you are always in a hurry.

Sergey Didkovsky
Sergey Didkovsky PR-strategist "Olshansky and partners"

In the salon, nice women touching softly different parts of my body, which become the most beautiful from not very beautiful once.

MamaRika Singer

PIED-DE-POULE is the best service, best masters, creative approach to each client. Therefore, I choose this place!

Nikita Dobrynin
Nikita Dobrynin The most stylish TV and radio station

In Here I have found a salon with a perfect haircut and delicious coffee from Milk Bar.

Natalia Voloshina
Natalia Voloshina Managing restaurant chain Carte Blanche

The first time in my life I found a professional salon, with all the parameters: super quality and super speed, as well as working up to the last client! It's just the dream of every business lady. Thank you! I love you!

Alexandra Shulgina
Alexandra Shulgina Producer on Ello Music Channel

The favorite salon on the beloved street! Beautiful, cozy, professional and warm. Thanks to Yegor and Anna for discovering a place where fairies and wizards make beauty.

Sergey Sereda
Sergey Sereda Showman

I choose exactly this salon, because I like the quality of service, convenient location, and always friendly staff.

Svetlana Tarabarova
Svetlana Tarabarova Singer

In Pied-de-Poule, I really can relax and become a bit better. Thanks to the professional craftsmen! I admire the service 2 in 1, this is when you lie on a comfortable chair and two masters do manicure and pedicure simultaneously) It saves my time and I'm not so tired))) Good and helpful administrators will always help me to find a convenient time, which is my very important for me.) Simply, Pied-de-Poule is a paradise for a girl with a great coffee! ☕️

Valery Proshe
Valery Proshe Mantra Owner / Reef Partner

Of course, I'm not the first woman who works a lot. But, probably, the only who is always late for appointment. PDP always finds time - thank you for this! Also I like that you do all at once: both hands and hair. Thank you for making me beautiful.

By the way, we already have 4 salons