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Professional make-up in the center of Kiev

Professional make-up in Kiev — be irresistible in any way

Today, professional makeup in Kiev can look like well-groomed and beautiful during dates, business negotiations, filming, photo shoots. Especially important is the visage for brides. Wedding is one of the most important days in life. The bride and her dress, makeup, flower arrangement — everything should look perfect. A good make-up artist in Kiev is focused on fashion trends, works with professional cosmetics and has a good artistic taste. The described qualities of people are the employees of the beauty salon “Pied-de-poule”.

We specialize in creating perfect makeup in Kiev for any occasion. Makeup artists of our beauty salon have a delicate taste and constantly improve their skills. For us, the emotions of visitors and happy eyes are important.

Professional make-up helps to create a bright and unique image. It easily hides imperfections of the skin and imperfections of the skin, emphasizes the eyebrows and eyes. If you are interested in a wedding or other type of makeup for a solemn occasion — sign up to your master.

Types of makeup and salon services

  1. Light makeup — optimal for work and school. Low-key makeup emphasizes the expressiveness of facial features and eyes. Hides visible skin imperfections;
  2. Day makeup — master puts accents based on age and facial features. It emphasizes the dignity of the appearance and retouches flaws. Differs in ease, feminity and elegance;
  3. Cocktail makeup is graded between evening and day. We choose one accent — eyes or lips. Easy shading, arrows or clear lip contour and bright lipstick color;
  4. Evening makeup — more intense and bright. Drastically changes the image and places accents on the eyes and lips. Masters of the salon use a large arsenal of cosmetics, a palette of shades and colors. In the evening make-up at the request of the client to use sparkles, glitter, rhinestones
  5. Makeup for special occasions. Special cases can be mass — wedding, birthday, anniversary, date, business dinner. We select colors about shades depending on a celebration, a hairdress and a dress. We create an organic image that customers like and is appreciated by others.

Makeup artists of our salon use professional cosmetics of world brands. All cosmetics are certified. Does not cause allergic reactions, does not roll down

Make-up from our salon is durable. Photo session, walk, banquet and dancing will not spoil your ideal image.

Makeup artists work rules:

  • Work with professional cosmetics;
  • Individual approach and mutual understanding with the client;
  • Matching color palette;
  • Offering multiple makeup options to choose from

We offer professional make-up in Kiev from leading salon specialists. Sign up with the manager for a convenient day and arrange a meeting with the master. We emphasize your femininity, elegance and natural beauty.

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Our masters




-Designer - stylist IMHMDH Salvador Dali
-Bachelor's Degree with Honors

Work experience

more than 11 years



-Make Up School Vizart
-Course Make Up artist-stylist 

-Course Eyebrow -Master

Work experience

more than 5 years



-Master, accounting and audit KUUP

-Art Ukraine: Make-up artist & Stylist
-Improving the skills at Larina School


Work experience

more than 8 years



-Art Courses
-School of Style and Make-up

Work experience

more than 4х years



Master at KSTEU
Larina author's school
Individual brow training

Work experience

more than 2х years

Prices for visage

Light Makeup

300 ₴

Day Makeup

400 ₴

Cocktail Makeup

500 ₴

Evening Makeup

600 ₴

Makeup for special occasions

800 ₴

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