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Massage in the center of Kiev from the beauty salon «Pied-de-poule»

The secret of female attractiveness and vigor lies in a healthy back and relaxed muscles. The rhythm of the big city dictates its own rules and in order to remain young and attractive, a relaxing massage is necessary.

Beauty salon «Pied-de-poule» offers massage in Kiev at an affordable price. Being beautiful, attractive and cheerful is important at any age. And we will show how the face and body can change without surgeries and braces.

How does massage affect facial skin?

Massage fruitfully affects the female body:

  1. Relieves muscle spasm;
  2. Relaxes the body;
  3. Restores strength and feminine health;
  4. Improves sleep and mood;
  5. Relieves fatigue, stress and irritation

The massage procedure is indicated for women regardless of age. It is useful in young and especially in adulthood, when it is necessary to monitor the condition of muscles and skin.

We offer a service — a massage in the center of Kiev, aimed at the health and beauty of the body. Sign up for the procedure after a hard day’s work and get a surge of energy and strength. Allocate time from the tight schedule and feel the long-awaited relaxation. Good news for busy women. You can choose the duration of the procedure: 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. You can sign up before work, at lunchtime or after work.

We offer:

  • Classic massage;
  • Lymphatic drainage facial massage;
  • Classic face massage

Sign up for a consultation with a specialist, and he will help you choose a set of procedures that suit your age and skin condition. We will offer the best option in time and cost, which is suitable for young mothers, students and business women.

Specify free time at the manager and sign up for the procedure of relaxing massage Kiev by phone or using an online application.

Massage — beautiful face and body

Imperfections of the skin of the face and body can and should be corrected. The skillful hands of our masters work wonders. Lymphatic drainage massage is called non-surgical skin tightening. After the procedure, you will note:

  1. Improved complexion;
  2. Reducing the number of mimic wrinkles;
  3. Smoothing deep wrinkles;
  4. The disappearance of edema and swelling;
  5. Elimination of dark circles and fatigue;
  6. Tangible facial rejuvenation

You will see the difference between what is and what has been. With each procedure, the skin will be tightened and transformed. Facial massage is performed by the course. In the process of massage, masks and creams are used to increase the effectiveness of the procedure. The skin gets nourishment and moisture, it is transformed on the eyes.

With us you can relax, and we in every way contribute to the rest of clients:

  1. Natural oils and creams;
  2. Professional cosmetics;
  3. Pleasant calm music;
  4. Unobtrusive lighting;
  5. Pleasant aromas

Masseuses find a common language with clients that they want the procedure comfortable and pleasant.

Our massage salon is open to all comers. Be young, beautiful and attractive.

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Prices for massage

30 minutes

400 ₴

60 minutes

600 ₴

90 minutes

900 ₴

120 minutes

1 200 ₴

Face Massage Lymph Drainage

500 ₴

Face Massage Classic

400 ₴

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