Services of a professional cosmetologist in Kiev: cleaning, microdermabrasion, lift care - the cost, the price in the beauty salon PIED-DE-POULE

Cosmetologist services: cleansing / peeling / care

Cosmetologist services — healthy skin at any age

Beautiful and young skin is not genetics, but the right care in the cosmetology office. Beauty Salon «Pied-de-poule» offers the services of a beautician in Kiev, which will help to remain beautiful, well-groomed and young.

Every centimeter of a person needs care regardless of age. We offer a range of procedures for young skin, preventing the appearance of first wrinkles, acne and acne. In adulthood, the skin needs intensive hydration and nutrition, this will allow you to remain young and attractive for many years to come. Masks, scrubs, washbasins, mycelial water, cream — all this is selected individually, taking into account the age and skin condition. Salon experts will help you choose a home care and prescribe a procedure to maintain skin tone and radiance.

Modern cosmetology stepped away. With regular use of masks, home care and hardware procedures, the skin looks healthy and young.

Cosmetic services for you — affordable prices for treatments

The site offers beauty services Kiev for the face, which can be found online. We are offering to you:

  • Facial cleansing — a set of procedures that cleanse the skin of acne and acne. Conducted for patients with visible skin imperfections;
  • Peeling is a classic procedure for skin renewal. Relieves fine wrinkles, acne and post-acne. In cold weather it is useful to conduct peeling. This will allow you to remain well-groomed, beautiful and young;
  • Care — collagen masks. Maintain elasticity of the skin of the face, saturate it with nutritional moisture and components

Specialists work on modern equipment and use expensive cosmetics of world brands. Care products and peels do not cause allergic reactions. We work with proven, certified tools that we trust.

The salon offers a wide range of services for skin health and beauty:

  1. Comprehensive facial cleansing;
  2. Cleansing;
  3. Peeling, ultrasonic peeling and peeling prxt33;
  4. Express care;
  5. Collagen care, fruit acid care;
  6. Collagen under the eyes;
  7. Biomagic mask;
  8. Visolastine mask

Professional cosmetics has a tremendous effect, noticeable after the first procedure.

If you have not had time to visit the salon, make an appointment with a cosmetologist for a free consultation. He will examine the skin and determine the proper care and treatment of procedures appropriate to the type and condition of the face.

Sign up for a consultation at a convenient time.

You will enjoy the beauty services from the salon:

  • Attractive cost for the whole range of services;
  • Individual approach. Depending on skin type, age and other features;
  • Free consultation of the cosmetologist and selection of care cosmetics

Find out the prices of a beautician in Kiev — we provide a price list for the convenience of customers. Start to monitor your skin health today.

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Our masters

Prices for cosmetology

Complex cleansing

700 ₴


250 ₴

Ultrasound peeling

400 ₴


700 ₴

Peeling prxt33

2 600 ₴

Express care

400 ₴

Collagen care

1 200 ₴

Care with fruit acids

600 ₴

Collagen under the eyes

150 ₴

Biomagic mask

700 ₴

Visolastine mask

500 ₴

Alginate mask

150 - 500 ₴

Microdermabrasion with care

700 ₴


1 000 ₴


400 ₴


250 - 750 ₴

Mesotherapy of the scalp

700 ₴

Mesotherapy of the face and under the eyes

500 ₴

Mask of instant beauty

800 ₴

Free consultation with a leading master