Correction of eyebrows, modeling of eyebrows in the center of Kiev - the cost, the price in PIED-DE-POULE

Correction and dyeing of eyebrows and eyelashes in PIED‑DE‑POULE

Eyebrow correction in Kiev — the completion of an attractive image

Haircut, neat trendy makeup, hair styling — this is not enough to reassure the image if you do not have eyebrows. Today, eyebrow correction in Kiev is a sought-after and popular service.

We are sure: eyebrows are a skeleton of the face, which creates the geometry of the face and emphasizes the expressiveness of the eyes and appearance. Neatly shaped eyebrows are the harmony between the external and internal state. When a woman is well-groomed — she is beautiful externally and internally.

It is rare to find women with perfect eyebrow symmetry, optimal thickness and shade. Even with self-coloring created forms can miss with a touch and width. As a result, eyebrows will be different. Appealing to a professional will save time and save you from mistakes.

In our salon a professional eyebrow correction Kiev is carried out by experienced craftsmen. The list of services will allow you to choose the best option for face design. If you have decided on the option, sign up for a consultation with the master of the salon and he will select the desired procedure.

Full list of eyebrow correction services — sign up for the procedure right now

Every woman wants to be perfect, so she keeps an eye on her appearance and tries to correct imperfections. Specialists of the Pied-de-poule beauty salon will help clients become more feminine and beautiful.

We are pleased to offer customers a list of services:

  • Eyebrow correction;
  • Eyebrow tinting;
  • Eyebrow biofix

In the salon “Pied-de-poule” there is a good cosmetologist working in Kiev, who will help to shape the eyebrows and create a unique image, to refresh the face.

  • Eyebrow correction in Kiev at the best price from our salon is a selection of a shape that will suit your shape and face type. Master will pick up the form and remove excess hair. You will achieve perfect symmetry that matches the shape of the face, eyes and nose.
  • Eyebrow tinting. The procedure gives the eyebrows the perfect color depending on the tone of the face and hair color. Staining is carried out using hypoallergenic paint or henna.
  • Biofixation will need owners of naughty hairs. It fixes the hair in the desired position and prevents knocking out of the created form. The procedure will eliminate the daily ritual of waxing. During biofixing the wizard will correct the shape and give the eyebrows the desired shade using a bio composition. After the procedure, the hair will lie neatly in a straight line regardless of the weather, humidity and position in the sleep.

Brow modeling in our salon is:

  1. Accuracy and cleanliness. Masters work in sterile gloves;
  2. Individual approach to the design of the eyebrows, taking into account the features of appearance and style;
  3. Painless procedure;
  4. Work with professional cosmetics;
  5. Record at a convenient time and day;
  6. Affordable cost
  7. Change and experiment. Start the transformation with eyebrows in our salon and learn about other procedures.

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Master at KSTEU
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Prices for correction and dyeing of eyebrows

Correction of eyebrows

200 ₴

Eyebrow coloring

200 ₴

Bio fixation of eyebrows

700 ₴

Coloring the eyelash

200 ₴

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