Pied-de-poule Pied-de-poule Pied-de-poule

What do you need to know about PIED-DE-POULE?

Who are we?

PIED-DE-POULE - is a network of beauty salons with high quality services at affordable cost

Why is the French name?

Displays the French techniques of haircuts, mainly on which our craftsmen work

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Кто мы?

The concept reflects human relationships, that is, how the client visits the salon, knowing that he will get sensual pleasure that goes beyond the pleasure of visiting a beauty salon

PIED-DE-POULE — in the translation from the French «goose paw» or «footprint of a goose foot», that is, a two-color geometric ornament, usually found in textiles, which is a broken cell or abstract polygons. The ornament came into fashion at King Edward VIII, served as a status badge and remains fashionable to this day, including those used in such fashion houses as Chanel and Dior

We are investing in this name high and constant quality of service

Getting into any salon of our network and to any of our masters, you will receive a single quality of service.

Slogan of our salon – time to clean the feathers

Which means: time to take care of yourself, become a better version of yourself, since your time has already come


What do we offer?

More than 70 kinds of services are displayed in our in 4 halls:

Hairdresser's room
Hairdresser's room
Hall of nail service
Hall of nail service

also with us you can buy hair care products of such brands as:

  • Lebel
  • La Biosthetique
  • Paul Mitchell
  • Davines
Pied-de-poule Pied-de-poule

PIED-DE-POULE – it’s not just a beauty salon, it is a society of beautiful and self-confident people


Our salons and their features

Kyiv, H.Ahmatova str. 44/11
phone call +38 097 469 44 85 pdp_akhmatova@p-de-p.com
  1. the salon is located in the «sleeping area» - Poznyaki
  2. for today our biggest salon is 160m
  3. the presence of 2 cosmetology cabinets
  4. the best choice for family visit beauty salons
Kyiv, B. Khmelnytsky str. 19/21 BC Leonard
phone call +38 097 971 51 51 pdp_leonardo@p-de-p.com
  1. the salon is located in the business center class «A» - Leonard
  2. guest parking (there are always free seats)
  3. cozy and secluded
  4. the best choice for people who appreciate their time
Kyiv, Shota Rustaveli str. 20
phone call +38 067 165 45 45 pdp_shota@p-de-p.com
  1. the salon is located in the very center of Kiev
  2. there is an opportunity to order food or coffee from our Milk bar friends
  3. availability of cosmetology cabinet
Kharkiv, pr. Nauki 9
phone call +38 009 670 99 95 pdp_kharkiv@p-de-p.com
  1. parking in front of the cabin
  2. availability of cosmetology cabinet
  3. the first salon with a new design
Pied-de-poule Pied-de-poule

School PDP

We developed our own teaching methodology and opened a school for:

  • directors of beauty salons
  • administrators
  • hairdressers
  • makeup artists
  • masters of nail service
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Ми описали більш ніж в 250 регламентів 11 років власного досвіду. Перевірена фінансова модель яка заробляє гроші. Пропонуємо відкрити власний салон краси PIED-DE-POULE на умовах франчайзі в вашому місті

  • We will bring clients and you will take a net profit already in the first month of work
  • We help to find premises (locking-kit, check-sheet according to the requirements of the premises)
  • Develop a financial model
  • We implement the rules of all processes (more than 250 regulations describe the entire business)
  • We accompany the project launch 24/7
  • We select staff
  • We train workers: hairdressers, makeup artists, masters of manicure, administrators, directors
  • We conduct all marketing for you (at your request)
  • We provide brand beech (83 pages of brand use rules)
  • We connect you to our entire existing ad
  • Teaching work in the CRM system
  • Accompanied after opening
  • We are aware of all the nuances, we carry out a deep elaboration of all the processes
  • Over 80 people in the team, on the basis of which developed the internal code

Minimum budget

from 37 000$




from 2 to 3 years
More here or by number: +38 050 239 85 18 (Egor)